Saturday, January 1, 2011

Before I forget

We call it the "brain." 
You know it.

The family calendar.

I have always had a paper calendar.
Same style, every year.

Nothing fancy. Usually one I pick up at
the Dollar Store or at the Kmart for cheap.
Works perfectly. 

A couple years ago Tom gave me the idea
to start keeping the prior year's
calendar as a sort of family history.

I tried it.  I like it.

I thought since I use the blog as a form of
family history,  I would kill two birds with one stone.

A blog, some genealogy for me
 and some fun for you.

That's three birds I guess.

"A win-win" (catch phrase for the Girl and Fun)

Just for your info:
I will share some highlights...
the yellow lines are trips someone in our family took out of town
the pink are days that we had company stay with us
13th at 6 am--Girly trip to Georgia
Matt went somewhere I can't remember
27th at 7 pm--
Val beats Tom and Dave again in the Pinewood Derby
(go girl)
12th--val goes to the Man Prom
23rd at 9 am--got the taxes done (sweet...)
1st--Nightmare RYLA deadline day
1st--Val takes New York and the United Nations
14th at 4:30 pm--Irish Dinner
18th--Niece Elizabeth makes her debut

19th--Mr. Fun has a bowling/softball schedule conflict...
what is a boy to do?
24th--Val almost dies in Titanic in Branson
11th in the evening--Saw original Norman Rockwell paintings
(I even touched one)
23rd at 5 pm--Girl graduates
28th--Boy passes 7th grade at the
School of the Kitchen Table

9th--Val misses class at Buddist Temple on how to slow
down and meditate---too buzy to attend
12th--Val goes to Canada, eh...
28th at 3:30 pm--annual pilgrimmage to Ozarkland
in lovely Kingdom City, Missouri

3rd--Survives Tallants almost blowing folks up
Fourth of July party
10th--Andersons cancel Alaska trip so
Mr. Fun can tromp around Europe for a few weeks
27th at 2 pm:  Somebody was at the dentist
29--Boy and Fun go to Colorado
2nd--Girl swears the drive to Nauvoo is similiar to a trip to Hell
week of the 9th--Girl does speed dating at
Star Wars Convention...uh, yeah...
17th at 8 am--Tom gets "lemon sized" cancer pulled from his
chest through rib cage
25th--long lost natural father comes to town

13th--Boy hits another doctor appointment at 4:30
17th--bought a print for Poppa Joe at Art Fair
25th--Valsy goes to see said new neice with her momma
2nd--Girl gets a Starbucks with a buddy
7th--Boy gets a $35,000 "staycation" at hospital
9th--Dog gets a hair cut
2nd--Girl gets the "I voted" sticker which is STILL
hanging by the computer
6th--Matt's dad teaching stalking skills
14th--Val attends another scout meeting
25th--the Andersons hob-nob with the Mayor and his family
13-17--Girl survives first college semester exams
22nd--Mr Fun has another surgery
(gotta do it because we hit our deductable with
the staycation in October)
29th at 4 pm--Val accidently lets Baby Will
eat Fruit Loops and cat food off the kitchen floor.

So there you have it.
A year in the life of Andersonville.

Bonus information:
Just in case you were wondering:
I help to attend, track, work or drive to at least
71 different medical appointments this year.
Not including 3 surgeries in four months,
and a 2-day and an 8-day hospital stay.

We had company or a trip in every
single month except for February.

No wonder I am so gosh-darn tired.

Happy New Year.  Have a good one.  :)