Friday, January 14, 2011

Hello, my name is Valerie...

Hello.  My name is Valerie and I am NOT a pet hoarder.
Whew.  Glad that is cleared up.

In my mind, anyway.

Poppa Joe called me last night to point me towards the special "news" report about pet hoarders.
"You should watch it," he says.  "Why?" I asked.   He didn't answer.

It is true that we as a family (ok, perhaps it is me and the Boy) have sort of stumbled into some pets lately.  But as I always say, "It's not my fault."  That is my story and I am sticking to it.

It is no secret I have a bit of a soft heart.  So two years ago, when my sick little boy asked if we could rescue some kittens my father had "other plans" for related to a gun and an abandoned field, what could I say?  The Girl got her beloved dog all those year ago that she had waited for.  The Boy had been waiting for some cats.  He had no friends, no school, and was lonely in his illness.  What is a mother to do?

Some of you have met our first pair:  Smoke (after Tony Stewart) and Sparta (after ancient warmongers)

Smoke--fatty catty

Sparta--no you are not misreading his troublemaker eyes

I would not have guessed myself a "cat person."  In some ways, I am not.  I hate hair.  Hair in my sink. Hair on my food.  Hair on my head.  Hair in my house.  So you can imagine, that living with four cats now, there is some hair.  Four cats, you said Val? 

Which brings me to the second pair of cats who have found their way to our home. 

These cats formal names are "The Cats Formally Known As Tom's" (modeled after that ever successful name change "The Man Formally Known as Prince").  Meet Luke and Leia...yes, named after that Luke and Leia.  They are the perfect names since their former owner has a half of leg covered in Star Wars tattoos...

Luke--so aptly named since he is such a whiner

Leia...the princess loves her leather

Bestie Tom, as you know, is dying and could no longer care for his cats.  Taking them in seemed the right thing to do.  The transition has been hard for the other animals, but I actually saw them PLAYING instead of fighting yesterday.  World peace must look like a living room floor without clumps of other cat's hair that has been ripped out by Sparta, the troublemaker.

You know, a woman doesn't get up one day, in her right mind anyway, after 38 years cat-free and say to herself, "You know, the throw up the dog is leaving around on the carpet isn't enough...I need myself some cat.  Not just one cat....I need four." 

Yep, it is true.  We have a dog too.  Meet Coho, the greatest dog ever.  :)  

The girl won a photo contest with this shot.
Took it when she was about 13.

The Girl will die when she sees this shot on my blog...
shhh...don't tell her

See how great Coho is.  He dressed up as a Jedi knight and didn't complain once about his light saber being too heavy or his robe getting in his way.  :) Now that is what makes a pet great!

So, all said, not including the 75 koi fish out in the pond or the opposum who digs through our recycles weekly, we have five pets. 

The good news is we offer free lint-rolling whenever you stop by.

If you come for a visit, bring your allergy medicine.  Lots of it.  :)