Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bob the Builder Award: Bronze+ Silver =Gold Metal Winners

A year ago, the Boy and I started collecting pennies for children.  It was my first blog of last year.  One of two resolutions I made.  Yep, did them both.


The Rotary has a foundational program that gives children in developing countries a dosage of vitamin A that can prevent blindness.

The hefty cost of this program:  $.02 a dose. 

We decided to save all the pennies we got back this year in change or found laying around.  The grand total:  590.

That means that we saved enough money to prevent blindness in 295 children.  Not a bad day's work as my dad would say.  I already wrote out the check.

Look how far a little bronze can go.

Speaking of metal, I have a silver metal happy story that began unfolding two months ago.

As you know, we know a thing or two about children's hospitals.  That said, the Ronald McDonald House is a non-profit arm of the McDonald's corporation that serves children's hospitals.  Some hospitals RMH have bedrooms and kitchens for families to use.  Some hospitals don't have the space and the RM House is found off campus, but very near to the hospital.  Kansas City's has both.

The RM House people offer free meals, a place to shower and take a nap, do your laundry, and even sleep over for super duper cheap.  As I can testify first hand, those are luxury activities when your child is in crisis.

One of the main fundraiser projects of the RM House is to collect the metal tabs  from the pop and soup can lids.  They also collect old keys.  The can itself is valued at $.02 a piece, but the tabs are worth $.10. 

They accept the tabs collected by people and have a deal worked out with local recyclers.  It can amount to a very tidy sum.  We have been doing it for years as a family, and I tell ya, one of the easiest things ever EVER you can do as far as donation work.

While the holidays are a crazy time, the good news is that a lot of soda is consumed.  That can mean a whole lot of tabs floating around.

Our Church Ladies charity group began collecting in November at their homes, their classes they teach in and at their works.  We got our first big donation turned in this Sunday.  

Holy hannah!

Mr. Fun was feeling it last night after a failed negotiation with the Boy to help count them out for me, so Fun did it while he watched the football game. 
Thanks Mr. Fun for your time

And he counted.

And counted.

I counted.

The Girl was an easy trade.  Counting for some Taco Bell. 
 "Hi!  I am a Presidential
Service Citation Winner that can be
bought with some Taco Bell..."

Even the cat counted. 

The grand total:  14, 173
That translates to $1,417.30 for the Ronald McDonald House without even really trying.  This is just the beginning of the collecting so I will keep you posted.

I guess I marvel at how two kinds of metals can bring Gold medal kind of results. Everyone wins.  "Win-win!" as a cheesy movie we just watched said last week.  The kids, the collectors, and of course, the Taco Bell counters.  :)