Sunday, January 3, 2010

May I add my two cents?

I am not one for resolutions.  I always have goals, lists, projects etc... that I am always working on.  Why should one calendar day bring any more to the party?

But I do have two resolutions for this year.  One for others and one for myself.

First, did you know the leading cause of preventable childhood blindess is a lack of vitamin A?  It is true.    Found here in the States in milk, eggs, cereal, carrots and spinach, just to name a few.  A lack of vitamin A is also linked to childhood death from measles and diarrhea.

And did you know that this defincency can be completely eliminated by a 2 cent dose of medicine.  TWO CENTS!  Just in case you haven't thought what two cents really looks like in your hand, I have included a visual.  Money that we don't pick up from the ground or we vaccuum up out of the couch.

The boy and I have decided to save all the pennies we run across this year in a vase and at the end of December, we will write a check to donate the money.  It won't matter to me if it is $5.00 or $50 dollars, it is that many children that won't be blind.  :)

My second one is girly and since Bob the Builder reads my blog sometimes, it is better left unsaid.  :) 

See the cat digging out pennies for the cause