Saturday, January 9, 2010

Catch my drift?

I owe Laura Inglalls Wilder an apology. 

When I read her books and she talked about the winds, snow drifts, and zero visability to walk from one cabin to the one down the street half a block to get the food they needed to not starve to death, I was thinking...."Come on...I am from Alaska and we have it wayyyyyyyyy harder then there in the hard can it be to walk a half block in the snow?"

I didn't get it.

I do now.

driving on the state it ISN"T snowing
it is "drifting" which means winds so horrible
that the snow from the ground is flying sideways.
This is absolutely unedited and it is NOON
See how dark it is?

 This is part of the highway

This is no joke weather. 
If you look carefully in the middle of the picture,
you can see a car right in front of us.

We stopped at the grocery store on the way home.
Look what the cruel display was in the produce section...
are you kidding me?
It is like all those chocolate displays laying
around while I am deciding to go off chocolate.

The kids haven't been back to school the whole week.
Can anyone say "stir crazy?"
A three week Christmas break?  holy hannah

But being the eternal optimist that I am,
I wanted to end this blog on a happy note. 
All that sun and snow can make some lovely shadows.