Saturday, January 30, 2010


"My life in just six words." 

That is the new popular trend. 

Writing your story in short bursts.

I have heard of it before.

I am writing this way here.

It is harder than you think.

Here are some starters to help.
The local newspaper put them together:
Don't forget to lick the bowl.
I look like a great cook.
Life is all about Plan B.
Life's funny secret: some assembly required.
I miss my parents every day.

You should try this for fun.

It is a great journal entry.

This is Val in a nutshell:

A Mormon woman on the go.
Sickness is always a uninvited companion.
I have children I wouldn't trade.
My heart feels heinveh for friends.
Traveling the world does seem doable.
Looking for my life's mission work.
Chance of a lifetime this month.

Have a wonderful, delightful Sabbath day.

Off to watch Miss America pagent.

Don't tell my feminist empowered girlfriends!