Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wanna take a field trip? Missouri Town 1855

Last month, we went to Missouri Town,
a 1855 historical village with re-enactors.
I used to be an interpreter at one in Salt Lake City....
I was actually assigned to the polygamous house
and played a polygamous wife. 
Of course,
I was the trophy hot wife :)
and got the better room of the three room house. 
It was fun to see how tourists
who were NOT locals or LDS and
used to the idea of plural pioneer wives reacted  :)...

Where was this fine decoration when I was in my "kranky" space?

The Girl and I are off to another field trip tomorrow...
the great state of Georgia to see our Snarky Sister Natalie. 
Maybe I will see Scarlett OHara! 
I should get me one of those dresses.
I am a former hot polygamous wife...