Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Insult to injury

Interestingly enough, since it seems like the "vultures" (bad luck as Dave calls it) in our life haven't had enough to feast on in January, the karma gods have sent a little more to Andersonville to shake it up.

Of course the three deaths of loved Grammies and Uncle in a month.  By the way, Mr. Fun tried to fly to Canada on Thursday to get to the funeral of Grandma Lila, but alas, he only made it to Dallas.  There were plane problems, weather problems, and they sent him back to KC.  They couldn't get him there in time and he missed it.  :( 

But now, the government wants to get in on the action.

We are being audited.  Not just your regular-way auditing either.

There is new governmental policy in act that if your medical insurance is taken pre-tax (Mr. Fun's is), you have to be able to prove every single "purchase" on paper (and they leave the clause on the paper that your medical receipt may not be enough "proof"--Nice loophole g men).  The medical visits, the perscriptions.  If you know anything about this type of medical insurance working, you know that you can only use the medical card for medical junk.  Not good enough says Uncle Sam.  They are afraid that people are using their untaxed medical funds with their medical cards at the grocery store to buy crazy items...you know, sodas, meat, and panty hose. 

We are being audited for 2009 -- five purchases made at the pharmacy (the ONLY pharmacy I use).  One of the purchases being audited is for $.34 cents.  Yep, you read that right.  Can any one explain to me how the government can miss the $6 million dollars that Nicolas Cage owes, but thinks that I am buying a milk chocolate silk Dove bar instead of one of the Boy's 27 daily medicine doses? 

Doesn't the government know I don't like milk chocolate?  Sheesh.

My pharmacy has the documents I need to prove I am not a pre-tax pantyhose purchaser or breaking my new rule of no milk chocolate--even if it is Dove....but who is going to give me back the 44 cent stamp it will take to mail my proof that I didn't use my 34 cents illegally?

This purchase ought to shake them up next tax season:

As forementioned, the Boy takes 27 doses of medicine every single day.  No wonder his brains are not functioning quite how they used to.  One medicine is Gastrocom, and let's just say it is sort of spendy.  No, not sort of $19 sirloin steak spendy, but reallllllllllllly spendy.  I took a picture to proof it:

The Sun Fresh said that our $1810 monthly bill is a new store record.
We are really proud of our accomplishment.
Did I mention that was the co-pay?

Does the government really think I have the money
to buy pantyhose with my medical funds when I have this kind of
monthly medicine co-pay bill?