Friday, February 12, 2010

Go World

We have a saying in our family, quoted after
the "Cool Runnings" movie--
"I am feeling very Olympic today."

Living in Salt Lake City
and experiencing everything first hand
for SEVEN plus years of what it was like
to host an Olympics--
it seems very far removed from our life
here and now in Kansas City.

Mr. Fun wore his Olympic hockey jersey today
and took in my Olympic Torch in to work. 
He must be feeling very Olympic.

I can tell you want the people of Vancover are
feeling right about now--
exactly 45 minutes from the Opening Ceremonies
(which tickets to the 2002 Opening Cere.
were $1,000 a piece)

Those people are sooooo excited. 
They cannot wait for it to FINALLY begin.
They are tired.  They are worried about
the traffic plans.  They are worried about
security.  They are excited to see so many
people coming to the Games.  They are
wearing their Olympic pins and t-shirts.
Some have left town.  Some are charging
wayyyyy too much money for guests to
stay with them.  Some are planning to
work from home for the next two weeks.
Some are drunk at the downtown Olympic
Square already.

Here is a good luck wish to the people of Vancover.

You know, we could have gone to Vancover for Mr. Fun
to work for the Olympics.
We turned it down.  We wanted roots and stability.
Well, actually I did.  :) 

Moments like this make me think about our decisions,
and how we are where we are. 
I am glad we are here, because I can
still feel very Olympic here today
lounging on my couch in Kansas City.  :)

Go World.