Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ever help feed a million people in an hour?

In my personal journal from 2004,
I recorded that the name of everyone I served a meal
or some sort of treat to in my home that year. 
Some were repeat "customers",
but my total list was 84 different folks.
That is a lot of food, dishes and time.
Worth every minute too.  :)

This weekend, throughout the United States,
the Salvation Army is planning a "dinner party"
of sorts for the Haitians. Since the people
of Haiti cannot come to our homes for dinner,
the Salvation Army has figured out a way
to bring dinner to them.  In a bag
about the size of a sandwich baggie.
(This is the marketing ad for the local Army here in Kansas City)
It is called A Million Meals.  Our goal here in KC
to have 12,000 people come together with in
20 hours and put together thousands of meal bags
to be shipped to Haiti.  Combined with efforts of
thousands of other helping hands throughout the US,
will total of a million bagged meals.

They are not asking for much for you or me.

One hour of your time.

They are asking for volunteers to come
(no, you don't have to pre-register--you just show up)
 and stuff bags(which looks very easy) for one hour.
Children are welcome with an adult.
This is the perfect opportunity for scouts,
church, regular folks, etc.. to help out.
Parking is free.  Hairnets are free.
Who doesn't appreciate a free hair net?  :)

I have planned to work four hours on Friday because
I have a little flexibility of time that most people who
are my age and are paid to work do not have.
I will let you know how it goes. 
What event intrigue this provides me...
being that I am an event planner and all.

If you live somewhere far from me,
check out the website of your local
Salvation Army.  There are
going to be stations throughout the country.

If you are in the KC area,
the project will be at the Amercian Royal Arena.
It will be Friday noon to 8 pm.
Saturday 8 am to 8 pm.
All are welcome.