Thursday, February 4, 2010

"It's good to be the Queen."

I bet you didn't know that the Queen of the British Islands and Northern Ireland (formally known as the Queen of England....they got rid of that title over 300 years ago....kind of like the Artist Formally Known as Prince name...) and I are practically kindred spirits.

Yep, it is true.

How so?  you ask.  Let me illlustrate. 
(First, let me turn on the Glee soundtrack for my listening pleasure.  :)  )

Drumroll please:
The Official List of why Val and the Queen are kindred spirits:

We have both had sons.  Her's is Charles, and mine is The Boy.  Her boy has bigger ears than mine.

We have both been to England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.  I however doubt that she had a big fight with her husband in Scotland that way I did with mine.  :)

We both own fancy black coats.  I bet hers doesn't itch like mine.

We don't work 9-5 jobs.  I doubt she is asked "what do you do all day?" the way I am, though.

We both have driver's licenses but have people who drive us around.  I am not waving to my adoring fans, but more trying not to have a seizure and kill whoever is in the car with me.

Since we don't work, we don't pay into the tax system.  Which of course, that money will be gone when I would have been old enough to collect it if I had paid into it anyway.

Both have had big events in our early 20's.  She became the Queen.  I joined the Mormon Church.

Both of us have had some in-law struggles.  Her's are daughter-in-laws.  Mine have been because I am the daughter-in-law.

And perhaps the most unexpected commonality: 
We have both been invited to go to the United Nations this year.

Yep, you read that right. 

The Queen will be there in July.

I will be there the first week of March. 

Through some very unexpected circumstances, I was invited by my old friend, Alaska, to join her and her world wide women's organization for an international Women's Conference at the UN. 

I even have creditials.  That is UN creditials. Did I mention I have creditials?  :)

How does this happen to two girls from the Ridgeway (smaller than Soldotna--if you know Soldotna, you know that is pretty hard to do--we did have our own fire truck....and my father did appoint himself the King of Ridgeway...Wait, if my father is the King of Ridgeway, then the whole royalty connection TOTALLY makes sense!)
To be completely honest, Alaska said she felt inspired to ask
me to attend.  I have not worked with their group. 
I don't have much to offer.  No money.  No connections.
I am just a looney girl in a looney bin on Forest Avenue.

I will keep you posted.

As Mr. Fun and I have always said,
"It is good to be the Queen." 
Now you see why.