Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wanna take a field trip? Will you go to the (man) prom with me?

I have been wanting to write this blog for a year.  Last year I attended my first man prom (car show), and wow, it sure was eye opening.   If you look at my blog from March 13, 2009 you can see some photos of women who attended the fun last year. 

Let me just say that whoever scheduled it this year wasn't really looking at the calendar.  It was the Opening Ceremonies (which a measley 3 billion people on the planet watch), the opening day of NASCAR, and of course Valentine's.

I thought you should see what happens at the man prom.  :)  I didn't really have a date of sorts.  Mr. Fun couldn't make it so I went stag, although I had some company along the way.

First and formost, I want to introduce you to the Prom King and Queen: 
Dave (Mr.The Noisier the Better) and
his very understanding wife, Carol.

Next, I got a ride in a smoooooothe machine called a '32.
(not to sound ungrateful, but it was 20* outside and
this car doesn't have any heat...)
It won "Outstanding in Class."
The View from the car
There is something you need to understand:
shiney and chromey
The more shiney, the more chromey... the better.
Uh, I don't know what to say about this guy here.
 We didn't have one at our prom so I
have no idea why this decorative piece showed up. 
I was a tour guide at an art musuem for a while, so
this is what I have decided.
Perhaps it is saying Satan likes car shows.
Maybe because Hell has flames and
there are a LOT of flames at a car show.
Flames, flames and more flames.
Who knew that Satan owns a
3 piece green leisure suit?
Notice the severed head.  Nice touch.
The Girl liked this plate.
One prom goer apparently was prepared for
some sort of after-prom plans.  This van was named
"Fornication."  It was creeeepy.
The prom king found this for his office.
That is a real taxidermied fish.
Here I am in the car voted
"Best of Class".  Hand built from scratch
by the Prom King Dave.
It is called a 1941 Willys.
For you prom men--843 HP.
For you ladies, that means your ears will
get destroyed if you stand within a 1/4 mile of it.
Notice that I dressed up for the occassion...
shiney, chromey earrings.
 Here is one for the road.
Amish at the car show.  With cell phone and Disney bag in hand.
Apparently the Amish like a 41 Willys.  :)
Check out Dave's website for more fun projects: