Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bob the Builder Award: The 6th grade Vikings Team Teachers

The Boy and I passed sixth grade yesterday.

No, I am not being funny. No, I am not kidding. Yes, I am very serious.

All Anderson praise and thanks to Mrs. VanBallas, Mr. Dennis, and Mrs. McDonald, the core of team teachers at the Boy's middle school...head honchos of his team: Team Viking.

When Mrs. VanBallas finished tutoring the boy yesterday and said that school/homework was finished for the year, I literally cried. Tears of happiness. You couldn't have smacked that smile off his face the rest of the night.

We passed.

We celebrated with popsicles in the driveway of friends at the Girl's work (insert http://www.daveshotrodshop.com/ here)

Ever since he fell ill again in January, these teachers have been so kind, patient, considerate, concerned....everything you wish your child could have in a teacher....we found in three. And in all fairness, it isn't just them. It is those nice office ladies, the school counselor etc... I know they are sick of my emails, my morning phone excuses, my tardy arrivals, my early departures. Enough Anderson already-- I am sure.

We have had homework literally sitting on our kitchen table since the beginning of January, minus the last three days of spring break when we had caught up. Until the following Monday. Now we have a dish of fruit.

Mrs. VanBallas (who is the Social Studies teacher--naturally the Boy's kindred spirit) graciously offered to come and tutor him through the district, which has literally been a life preserver. Well worth a diet Pepsi and granola bar everyday, for sure. :)

Here our proclaimation to the world that in the annals of Anderson history, it will be forever remembered that the Vikings teachers saved the Boy from being held back in his 6th grade year.

To the Vikings Team Core Teachers of New Mark, you have our neverending debt and gratitude. Thank you.

I know he will not let you down.