Wednesday, May 27, 2009

In the meantime....

Nothing brings me such happiness as a great photograph. Especially if it is decent of me. :) At least how I think I look.

It is pretty ridiculus that in the meantime of packing for three weeks in the UK, getting every single detail for the 130 person academy picked apart and addressed, packing for two boy scout camps, celebrating the boy's 12th birthday, holding a medieval feast, watching every movie we own that somehow connects to the British Isles, unexpectedly preparing a 1 1/2 presentation for the International Rotary meeting that everyone else preparing for has had 7 months to get ready--I have 10 days, giving a talk in church about a challenging subject, downsizing the 14 lists to a mere 8, hosting company, celebrating Memorial Day with two BBQs, attending a counselor training, setting up 600 chairs on Friday night for the church, losing all 400 of my email addresses....well you get the drift.

What I mean to say is that in the midst of all that has to be done in the next four days, I thought it was time for the family to get some family photographs. We are taking to tripod to UK so that we can take shots in front of "old crap" as the girl would say, but I figured we should do real ones now since there will be no one on the other side of the camera there. Plus after two weeks in the car seeing the history of the world, I doubt any of us are going to look that good....or this happy. :)
PS/ Another reason I posted these is that my girl posted a photograph on her Facebook that I am wearing a housecoat in.....there is a story behind it that I am too tired to type right now, but the point being I look like I am about 11 months pregnant. I can't find it to put here (she has it secretly hidden for some future blackmailing I am sure)