Sunday, May 3, 2009

Home Sweet Home

We last find our lung surgery hero smiley and happy to be alive. The next day, however, proved to be a little more taxing. Not so many smiles that day....

even though Tom had a lovely view of Mr. Fun's work office and the stormy Missouri skies.
Even though he was exposed to some international flavor including these ladies in the parking lot, warm yellow jello (how did that hospital know he was Mormon? :) ) and some Jamaican super sugar "Breeze" juice, he just wasn't feeling it at the hospital.

It was too bad his room was on the other side of the building. This was a lovely, spellbinding sunset taken from the sad floor of the hospital: the 5th floor --Oncology.

But with 20 needle pokes in 3 days and the removal of this giant-bigger-than-McDonalds-new-straws-tube out of his chest, he had had enough. See that black string to the end of the tube, that is how much tube was in his was seriously very large and very long. We have other photographs of the removal, but you will have to get those from him. Yuck.

He was ready to come home. He missed the sunshine (he is from California you know). He missed the green spring and taking photographs. However, image our surprise when on the SECOND day after his surgery he is released and when we came to his house to see him, this is what we saw!

He was lounging outside and reading a People Magazine!
Tom rules. :)