Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tom survived surgery. Thanks for asking!

See Tom. Tom survived lung surgery today. :)

Nope, not a new tattoo. Some sort of medical stuff.

Tom survived his "cherry picking" surgery today. Translation: they went in and extracted a cancer the size of over half a ping pong ball. It was growing on his chest cavity, pressing on the lung but not advancing/attacking it. The surgeon said that it is the first time in over 30 years of cancer surgery that he has taken a renal cell cancer from the lungs that actually wasn't in the lungs. It is now being biopsied.

Tom is in the hospital (NKC room 418 if you have some time for a short visit) for the next few days. He has a drain coming out of his side, draining the fluids from the surgery out....which he is very excited to have photographed tomorrow when they take it out. It is pretty gross.

See how happy Tom is with Nurse Rachel. That is because she just pulled his catheter out.

See Tom. Tom is happy. Go Tom go.