Sunday, April 19, 2009

Wanna take a field trip? The locals call it "Chilli"

My mom has always used "sliced bread" as her standard measurement of coolness. You know the saying..."the greatest thing since sliced bread."

Well, when small towns want to make some cash, they have to work hard to find their special "niche." Soldotna, Alaska for example is the "King Salmon Capital of the World." Some town in Kansas has the world's largest ball of twine. We small towners have to use what we got.

And Chillicothe, Missouri has claim to the first use of the world's first bread slicing machine.

I had to head to Chillicothe yesterday in a torrential rain to do judge some high school students in a speech contest. (Now that I can drive, I am picking up some volunteer work again here and there) It is over 90 miles one way, and sadly, the entire event lasted 21 minutes. Then another 90 miles home. I didn't want to go, but alas, I had given my word.
Mr Fun would have been cranky if I had crashed the car
while photographing with the windshield wipers off--
shhh don't tell
I love the scenes you can find on Highway 36.
Especially if it is sunny morning light.
The "magic hour" I hear it is called.
No magic hours this morning

Oh, hooray...we made it.Nothing says "Welcome to our town" like a big black hearse

parked right on Main Street. It reminded me of the Ghostbusters Bill Murray popped out though. :(

Picture with me for a moment the irony of this painting.

Chillicothe also prides itself for its many murals on the building

sides which are quite well done. This one I found strangely placed.

It is of a hurricane sized wave (we are in the middle of America)

and it the trees on the shore are pines.

With what looks like snow painted on them.

You think I make this stuff up?

What is a girl to do but to visit the local bread store and of course,

purchase sliced bread for her family and friends. They even had

San Fransisco Sourdough. Does California's power know no end?

I like the Twinkie guy on the door. He looks so happy. Probably

because he is so full of preservatives he knows that he is the
Dick Clark of snack foods and will never age. :)

Thankfully my bread and I made the trip home safely,

without of the help of the town hearse.

I am telling you, these small towns should PAY me

to write their marketing ads! Doesn't it make you want to go visit? :)