Monday, April 27, 2009

Wanna take a field trip? How about a Chalk Walk Festival

There is a non-profit group in Kansas City that works to bring cultural arts to the inner city so that the folks that live in that area are exposed to culture, as well as have investment in their part of the community. This was a chalk drawing festival in a local city park this weekend.

This was my favorite. I LOVE how the artist left the tape undone, like the alligator had busted out of the box that was laid on the ground. :)

Since I usually only photograph on sunny days, only objects, I have been practicing photos in the clouds and of people. I don't think sun will be all present in the UK next month, so I have to practice now. I loved how intent this little girl was. She also was one of the only artists I think in the whole group that did not have a few tattoos on her.

The artwork was so wonderful. Bright and colorful. And I don't mean just the tattoos.

Look familiar? :)

Many of the artists drew freehand. Many others looked a pictures from the internet or something they had drawn on paper.
I love how this mother was working and the baby was just hanging out.

The beginning
While I loved many of the pieces, the children's section was truly my favorite.
Happy chalky flowers