Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bob the Builder Award: Fellow Olympic Torchbearer "Bicycle Brent"

If you have ever spent any length of time in Logan, Utah, you have probably seen this guy, Brent the Waver, as we called him when we lived there. He rides his bike everywhere, honking his horn with a smile and a wave for EVERYONE. And I mean everyone. :)

One time, my friend, Sheri had Brent over for a visit. When he saw her tub of Red Vines, he ate almost all of them. You don't eat Sheri's Red Vines! Whenever I see those tubs in the WalMart, I always think of that. :) Watch out, Sheri. Now that Brent is retired, he will have time to ride his bike to your town and have himself a snack! Redvines, anyone?

Bicycle Brent retires from The Junction (Utah State Cafeteria). Says goodbye to USU after 30 years of waving.

Brent Carpenter is presented with a new bike at his retirement party Friday.

A farewell party was hosted Friday for Brent Carpenter who is retiring after serving Utah State University in The Junction for just more than 30 years. Brent, commonly known as Bicycle Brent around campus, said he would miss working with the students on campus. “He worked for The Junction for 30 years. I think that’s great, and he always tries to be helpful,”

Brent’s parents, Charles and Bessy, attended the farewell party Friday and spoke of being proud of their son. “We’re proud of all the things he has become,” Bessy said.

Bessy said one of her favorite memories of Brent while at Utah State was when he ran the Olympic torch through the Spectrum a few years ago to the cheers of Utah State students, peers and community members.

“There were over 10,000 people stamping their feet and chanting his name, ‘Brent, Brent, Brent.’ It was really a great experience for him,” Bessy said. Charles said, “People were cheering and had bicycle horns. It was great.”

Brent is known for riding his bicycle around campus and for participating in as many things as possible, Wiltshire said. “

“Everybody’s been so patient and kind to him. They’ve done it all for him,” Bessy said. Wiltshire said she won’t miss Brent because she expects to see him three to five times a week. Bessy said, “He thinks the school belongs to him.” Carpenter shouted in agreement with his mom. “Go Aggies!” he said.