Wednesday, April 8, 2009

This ain't your momma's yellow sticky note

I have posted 14--count them--14 "industrial sized" four foot sized papers of lists in the front living room. For all to see. Company, home teachers, UPS man, neighbors, random people driving by and the door to door magazine salesman, who I am NOT allowed to invite in for soup anymore.

I was prepping the room to paint it, but given the number of items on my to do lists, I don't have the time or list space for the living room painting project. That will now have to wait until July--after July 3rd to be this is the date the lists cover up to.
Did you know that I actually was an Education Major in college for one--count them, ONE class. It was Elementary Dance. While we were teaching the kids some dance that we all could have cared less about, I realized I was in the wrong major. I only was in Education because I liked the smelly markers and unlimited butcher paper. Good thing I got out of that field. I have markers and butcher paper at home...who needs a classroom. I don't got those skills (hats off to my teacher friends). :)

I will only be home for four days the entire month of June. In between now and July 3rd, I have massive work to do. Besides going to the British Isles for three weeks, to turn around and head off to Fulton, Missouri for the leadership academy, I still have a family and life to run. A sick son, a husband who just had FOUR more moles removed for cancer testing again today, and everything that Mormon moms do, I was feeling a little out of control. This is my way of handling it.