Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Love your mother

I have always loved Earth Day. My best memory of Earth Day was in the early 1990s. I took The baby Girl up to USU campus to man the Earth Day booth for a friend. We ran into an old girlfriend of Mr.Fun's brother--an adorable girl who was thinking of leaving school and hitchiking around the country. I convinced her to stay in town and instead move in with us. She was with us on and off for a couple years. I LOOOOOOOOOOVE her and consider Earth Day a fine holiday to celebrate our friendship. Here is to you, Char. I bet you didn't know I always remember you today. :)

The yard in full spring bloom. Here is the rock garden I put in a few years ago when the grass refused to grow another summer. My neighbor hated it.

Love those tulips

A nice blooming shrub

Japanese Maple

Here is my our new water feature for the yard. It is called a
Rain Garden. There is hard rain here in the Mid-West. To combat
erosion and make good use to the water that goes to waste,
Kansas City has the 10,000 Rain Gardens goal.
You dig a hole in your yard that water naturally collects in
(we have another one I dug last year at the base of the yard,
at the bottom of the yard hill). Water collects there after a rain,
and it is designed to be a temporary "pond" of sorts.
Last week I saw birds and squirrels splashing about,
having their first pool party of the season. :)
If you look at the picture, this rain garden will be fed by
the house spout--noted by the red arrow. Most of the time, the pool will be
dry, so you have to make it still eye candy appealing.
I am adding a Zen flavor to mine.
I will add about a truckful of Missouri river rock,
to match our other three ponds and the rest of the yard.
My small contribution to Mother Earth this week.
Hey KC, only 9,998 gardens to go. Happy Earth Day!