Saturday, April 25, 2009

A real Craigslist posting/ Rain Garden

Thanks to the incoming PTA President in Liberty (buddy Kathy) for this little treat. This is an actual Craigslist posting here in KC!

Flux Capacitor
I have for sale a barely used Flux Capacitor, its in great shape
I had its specially made for me.
However due to almost ripping a hole in the space time continuum and almost making out my mom(Which is not cool!!!!)
Heres the Specs: 1 Flux Capacitor at 1.21 Gigawatts some pronounce is jigawatts
1 AC connector for LED read out
1 Display Panel Also this is the Plutonium Model which is outdated
--I know its really hard to find plutonium in 2009!
You can get a mr.fusion in the year 2015 also
Hover conversion is required for mr.fusion
Price is 2000.00 OBO I
paid over 5000.00 for this unit
all offers considered
Thanks M.McFly

On a personal note,
the rain garden is almost done
(needs it's border)
and by jove, it works!