Sunday, April 12, 2009

Egg-cellent Idea

It is ironic, actually. The Girl posted about not getting mired down in the trappings of commercialism and worldly matters when it comes to the true meaning of Easter, and here I go to post the fine egg notables of the egg dying with buddies Allisons and Tallants. Apparently she gets her churchiness from her father. :)

And the winners are....
in no particular order

"Egg that needs to go on a glitter diet" to Jen
"Best Use of Pink with Flames"by JoeThe Environmental
"I want to dye the whole world" Award
by Val
The "Most Decorative and Thought"Award
to (no one made claim to these winners)

The "Best Use of Skulls with Flames" to Tom A.

because nothing says Happy Easter than an egg bearing

a skull and crossbones

"Prettiest Overall Girly" by Carol T.
The "Best Font Replication" Award to Tom L.
And our overall winner--
one who inspired Flaming Eggs
all over the house:
The "Oh! I thought I was painting
a custom hot rod" egg by Dave T.