Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Guest Blogger: Mallory O. from my RYLA Leadership Academy

This is Manute Bol with the brick machine that these ladies monies bought to build the school.

This fine young lady and her twin sister Meredith attended our Rotary Leadership Academy last summer. This is a cause that spoke to their hearts. They have raised $8,000 in the last 8 months and they are up for this award. Please vote.

"Dear Family and Friends,

The Letters of Compassion group at St. Pius X High School would like to invite you to please vote at the True Hero website so that SPX can win money for their community service project - The Manute Bol School Project (Building a school for the children that learn from under a tree in Turalei, Sudan). The high school with the most votes wins the money for their project.All you have to do is vote!Please click on the link below - check out the SPX post if you want - click vote - and enter your email address. Hero will then email you to confirm your vote - click on the link and you are finished!!!!!Please forward this email to everyone in your address book so they can vote too! There is only one other high school SPX is competing against, so...our chances of winning are great!!!!! Possibly $3,000!!!Let me know if you have any questions!!!

Thank you for your continued support of the Manute Bol School Project! Each day we get closer to helping to educate the children that learn under a tree in Africa.

Mallory O"