Friday, April 17, 2009

I feel like vomiting

This is what I learned about myself off the internet this morning: I am like a plate of

BROWNIES -- You are adventurous (going to Ireland for no reason could be adventurous), love new ideas (like to make up stuff out of nothing), and are a champion of underdogs (Bob the Builders) and a slayer of dragons. When tempers flare up (usually mine) you whip out your saber (evil-saying tongue). You are always the oddball (so I have heard) with a unique (translation: weird) sense of humor and direction. You tend to be very loyal (to the point of it being painful).

It is spot on. Thanks, random internet quiz. I needed that. Apparently there must be more than just one oddball of me since we have our own category. That is nice to know.
Often times when Matt gets home from work, it is like I vomit my day on him. I regurgitate the events, the conversations, the hurts and happys.

So, since I don't see most of you, sometimes ever, I thought I would vomit on you. My hurts and happys. This in no particular order.

When a girl has 14 to do lists, none of which include running the everyday life, you can imagine it gets a little overwhelming. This week has been good. And it has sucked.

The boy might have a correct diagnosis--again....forget Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome
I can't drive to that hospital another time this week
I am sick of never having time alone
I love that I caught some perfect sunset light the other night at the purple field
I love to give gifts (I have a new treat for you Kathy R.)
Found a terrific street map book of the UK--a girl likes to know where the heck she is going
I am homesick for Alaska
I feel fat most of the time (and I think these hormones are making me gain weight)
I wonder why some people do what they do
I am tired of the Girl being tired all the time
I am glad Mr Fun passed another cancer biopsy series
I am sick of 6th grade homework
I am tired of strain
I can't stand these new contacts
I am glad the cake recipe worked
I am sorry my brother's beloved dog died
I love that the British woman sang so wonderfully
It is nice to have a best friend who can fix your smoking car
I love these fatty cattys and they follow me around
I wish the Boy had some medicine to help him. Who wants to see their boy cry everyday from pain?
I am so glad I went to eat soup with the monks
I love my ugly housecoats
I don't want to drive to Chilli tomorrow
I hate checking my voice mail anymore

Whew. A good vomit always has helped me feel better. I know. I have a little experience with vomit.

Have a great Friday.