Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bob the Builder Award: Stamping out Hunger by the National Association of Letter Carriers

I have a confession.

I am in LOVE with the mail system.

I love the idea of sorting, stuffing, stamping, delivering...the is endless. I can't help it.
I grew up with a post office box. Going to "town" to get the mail was a social event in itself. Getting mail was like a christmas present every day. Man, I sure love that mail.

I go to the PO so often now that the buddies at the mall mail know me. :) Wink and Darrel. Wink owns a Model A and got an earring when he turned 40. You would be surprised too if you knew him like I do. Darrel owns a motorcycle. And a Mr. Rogers blue sweater.
I leave a treat every Christmas in my mail box for the mail man nowadays.

I knew the name of every mail man I had in Utah....Blain, Chris...
I worked for the college mail system when I was there playing softball on scholarship. It was my favorite job ever.
So, when the mail men want me to donate food to their yearly fundraiser which is this Saturday...I do it. Over 230,000 letter carriers will be collecting food. They do not receive overtime pay. They make extra trips to deliver the mail and collect the food. They pitch into each other's routes. Last year they collected 73 million pounds of food for the local food pantries, the largest one day food drive event in the country.
I hope you donate too. Wink and Darrel thank you. :)