Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Speaking of life...

Spring has arrived and wow...is it such a relief. My eyes
and camera have been thirsty for the last couple months.

This is the Bleeding Heart that I planted when we moved
here in honor of Lori, her favorite. :)

Word is out that Val has snacks so the mother birds are
back in force this year. They have wised up and built a
condo in a more secure location than last spring. I think
this is new resident to the housing association:
A family of cardinals. This is the mother.
The father, interestingly enough, is never far from the nest.
I like that.

Val is happy with her wildlife habitat.
Val loves those animals, even those plastic pigs...
no swine flu there.

Count them: One
(who is seemingly saying..
where is my snack?")

Two more snack wanters.
Look closely at their bony wings.

Now for the bad news.

This is the new, animal unfriendly addition to our bumper.

Deer hair.

We offed a deer Sunday night driving home a church function.
It was twilight and it jumped right into us while we were on a curve.

Mr. Fun was going about 60 miles a hour,

and if I would have been driving,

I am sure I would have driven us off the embankment.

It hit the left driver's side front panel, just low enough

that it did not bounce up into the windshield...which it normally

does. I know because I saw it on Mythbusters a while ago.

It ripped off the license plate and pull the panel away.

Fortunately, one of our new best friends is a car guy who can fix it

(insert http://www.daveshotrodshop.com/ advertisement here--

by the way, I took the bigger picture of the car burning

rubber on his home page).

Mr. Fun tromped around the field to find the license plate,

dragged the dead deer from the middle of the highway to the side of

the road. All in his Sunday best.

Mr. Fun and the Girl are fine. I got the brunt of the force and it jostled me

and my brains enough I was slurry and drunk that night and the next day.

Doing better now. :)

Someone asked why we didn't take it home and keep the meat.

Hey, this isn't Alaska. No "Road Kill" list kept here, so

dang it! I could be inviting you over for a BBQ if I had been thinking

more clearly! :)