Friday, August 24, 2012

CVI Day 2: "Chewy Envy"

Steller day today.

20 Slave Leias.  One with a Batman tattoo.  Duh.

I went early with the girl to be her handler (translation:  carry her junk around) while she was with the other troopers so regular folks can get their pictures with her.

I took notes for you, "non geeks" as I learned I was today so you could enjoy the day, too.

In no particular order:
*Everyone went through a weapons check today.  Apparently others thought they should be checking the plastics guns yesterday too.
*A little Darth Vader was told by his mom today when he was by R2D2 that he should have "nice touches" on the robot.
*It is amazing the impromptu photo shoots that go on here.
*When the Slave Leias showed up at the photo shoot, one guy said to his buddy "I must have."
* There was a very "interested" Tuskin Raider.  He had no camera.  Took his helmet off.  Obviously taking pictures with his heart.  Duh.
*Men ran up to see the Leias.  "That is a SWEEET line up.  Delicious!"
*Saw 13 kilters today
*Bigger Boobie Fett today (I don't name them)
*"I had to put my hand in my pee."
*Daniel Logan, the little boy who was Boba Fett:  genuine Mormon!
*Love was in the air at the "Plan your Star Wars wedding" class.
*Miss Australian United Nations, fully in sash and crown, was at the celebration.  ?
*"Mixed fan-dom marriages can work." (translation:  star wars fan/lord of the rings)
*"those people"....(regular non star wars fans) (us)
*I gave away a free dinner coupon to a nerdy man that came to the conference alone.
*"It's raining men" sung by a man in a bowling shirt
*A little happy surprise: hotel shuttle to the center
*"My high heels make me tall and awesome."
*A Chewbacca guy we were with said he had "Chewy envy" because he had left his chewy stilts at home in Wisconsin and the other Chewys had theirs here.  Epic fail.