Thursday, August 23, 2012

CVI Day One: "The Dark Side of Sushi"

I didn't know.

And I bet you didn't either....that Sushi had a "dark side."  But it is true.

How do I know?  Learned it in Star Wars Japanese Vegetable Carving Class today. :)

As you can imagine, the day was filled with such delicious little morsels of fun that I kept notes just to share with you.  Why?   Because I love you...just like Mr. Rogers.

And in no particular order:
* I felt snobby, being the owner of a four day pass compared to those losers with just a single day.
*We saw that person of short stature that played the main Ewok, Wicket.  He was also in Willow.  He was riding a segway while we were walking our almost 12,000 steps today.  Learned his name is Warwick Davis.
*There is some serious fictional world cross pollination.  For example, the Burger King king was wearing storm trooper costume.  And doing naughty things with his hips and plastic hamburger.
*We saw seven "Slave Leias."  And a "Boobie Fett."
*The Dark Side has it's own clubhouse.
*I saw a 70 year old grandma dressed in matching Jedi robes with her tiny grandson.
*There was a woman who shaved her head.
*In the conference brochure, after the question if flash photography was allowed, was the burning question on whether the Death Star could be destroyed by one single ship.  It was funny.
*Lots and lots of little girls.  Move over Disney Princesses, Amidala in the house.
*There were fake guns everywhere and not a single screening machine.  At least we were hoping they were fake.
*Saw 8 men in kilts.
*There were Sith cheerleaders.  Aubrey says it is so they have an excuse to dress like "skanks."
*Jack Sparrow was dressed in some storm trooper pieces with his pirate costume.
*We went to the "Fettastic" class about the actors who played Boba Fett.
*Boba Fett was married.
*There was some crazy groupie girl at the Fett lecture.  For real.   And she had some panties to fling up to the stage.  For reals.
*Carol said the groupie was certainly "determined" to get the attention of the Boba buddies.  True that.
*There was a bald man wearing Princess Leia bun hair.
*The Japanese vegetable carver was a humble kind man, who also does samurai Jedi meditation.
*We saw Jesus in a Dark Side bowling shirt.  He had a girlfriend and a tattoo.
*Cool t-shirt that says "I am the rebel spy"
*Carol almost won a free t-shirt that was thrown into the crowd, but some grabby woman behind ripped it out of her hands, causing us to find a chiropractor for her dislocated back (jk--mostly).
*A wookie puppet cat-called Aubrey.

Here are the pictures from today.