Saturday, August 25, 2012

"If you are not a Sith Lord, wait to be called."

Tonight ends the fun and games of life in a galaxy far, far away.

Fortunately for you, we had one last day full of trooping, costume handling, and lots of mostly naked women.

In no particular order:
*Aubrey attended some super bash last night and got to meet some famous people I have never heard of.  :)
*48 "Slave Leia" costumed chicks
*12 folks in kilts
*Count Dokou and OB1 Kenobi had to run and catch the bus.  Why didn't they just use the Force to stop us from moving?
*No hot water in our hotel room
*Class called "Ladies of the Legion."j
*The jedis on the bus got so excited to get to the conference that they shoved their way off before everyone else.
*Jesus was there again today.  This time he was in a volunteer shirt and modeling service to others.
*I wore my "It's A Von Trapp" t shirt.
*"I didn't join to be awesome.  It just happened."  Aubrey
*Met a guy named Ted (from Tampa) who hung out with us for a while.
*Stormtroppers had chapped thighs.
*There was a Royal Red Guard Flash Mob with Darth and the Emperor.
*Talk about a photo frenzy.
*"You should put your spanks on before you put on that costume." Ouch.
*"If you are not a Sith Lord, wait to be called."
*"Bounty hunters to the left.  Sith Lords to the right."
*Near fist fight between Padme in her travel outfit and some foreign woman.
*Beaker Stormtrooper checked his head in coat check.
*There was a wedding performed on the stairs after the bad guy photograph.
*We ate lunch with a Jawa.
*One of the Boba Fetts was carrying a cowboy gun and holster.
*A Jedi Robe set costs $800
*Carol and I did a lot of people watching.  And mocking.  Good thing Service Jesus wasn't around us.
*There was a Darth Vadar with a garbage bag cape.
*There was a Han Solo with a pig head.
*T shirt that said "I am kind of a big deal in Wisconsin."
*Grandma with knitted buns for her hair.
*There was a Leia with fishnet stockings.
*Tiny baby Wookee
*Joker was there
*Spare tires on a body are not good.  Spare tires painted blue are even worse.
*There was a sign that said "Jason loves boobies."  Maybe he should meet those Boobie Fetts.
*Last but not least, two Boba Fetts in leisure suits.

This is my second convention. It was fun to be with Aubrey and Carol.  It was fun to have a costumed member of our party so that we can learn the inside secrets of the convention.  I am glad I came.

Pictures today:

Since the hurricane is coming tomorrow, we are going home a day early.
Hope you have enjoyed the convention.