Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Embedded in the Star Wars Convention--CVI Eve

Tonight, at dinner, we heard the following comment from the neighboring table:

"Be careful.  Yoda is easily excitable at parties."

That is when I knew that I had to borrow Aubrey's notebook and officially "embed" myself (along with Carol Tallant, the world's greatest sport this week) to share with you a day-by-day report of what it is like to attend the Star Wars Convention this week in Orlando.

It is actually known as C VI (Convention Celebration 6).  Just to be sure everyone in the greater Orlando area knows why the residents in room 3203 (us) are here, The Girl taped notebook paper into those giant shapes on our windows.

I would like to show you some pictures, but as it is in war, sometimes those "luxuries" will have to be put aside (translation:  we have had Internet problems in this hotel since we arrived).

So tonight there was a pre-celebration party at the local Uno restaurant.  The entire building was filled with members of the 501st (official club of costumers for Star Wars) members, including the world president who came to our table to say hello.  He was probably disappointed at our reception (Him:  Hi, I am Kris and I am the 501st LCO.  Me while shaking his hand:  Hi.  Sorry, I have no idea what that means or who you are.)  I knew that he must have been SOMEBODY because the table before us the woman about hyperventilated and kept saying "you are so famous."  And she meant it.

I kept some notes that I wanted to share with you:

We saw 5 men in kilts

People were already wearing their conference badges even though it hasn't started yet

Tshirts "Darth Vadar lives" and "I always wear a helmet"

Aubrey said she would date Han Solo, Captain Moroni, Ammon and her current man Jon.  In that order.

Members of the costumers from Australia were wearing matching SW bowling shirts

Our server's name was Greg.  He was cute but kept calling us "girls."  Of course I corrected him.

There was a guy in a giant rabbit costume wandering around.  I don't think he was with the troopers, but one can never be sure.

A hurricane is slated to hit Orlando by Monday afternoon.

Last but not least, we saw the man who played R2D2 having drinks at the hotel bar.  No doubt feeling jealous that the giant rabbit is so much bigger than him.

See you tomorrow.  :)  Valsy