Saturday, August 8, 2009

Wannt Take A Field Trip: A hot summer-y follow up

Just in case you have nothing more pressing to do than to follow the
"birthing" of a new non-profit, then today is your lucky day.

"It Wont Happen To Me" (IWHTM) had it's Missouri coming out party
last night in the booming metropolis of Smithville, Mo.
Popular 5,000 give or take a few. We had everything you would
want in a small town party. And let me state for the record:
it was hot. And I am not talking about the activities.
Although, those were great.

Naturally, we had the Star Spangled Banner
(the mid-west version of an opening prayer)
and Old Glory.

We had our sleeping dogs

There was ice cream on the square in an old fashioned
candy store--Nellie's (check it out on the web--named
after the death of another friend who died from cancer--
started by her family--same cancer Mr. Fun had
almost two years ago).
Of course, where there is ice cream, there
are children (and one Dave Tallant)
I told Lori the trade/display booth
ancient chinese secret (I am chinese you know)
Where there are Dum-Dums, there are kids.
Where there are kids, there are parents.
Parents with teen drivers. :)
Here is our was WINNNNNNDy but everything
remained in tact. Love the banner stand.
Thanks Tom A. It worked like a dream.

Lori and Tom had their game ON! They did
such a fantastic job of talking with folks,
networking, and getting right in there.
I am really proud of them.
I, on the other hand, functioned more
as sweaty window dressing.
When I say hot, I mean hot.
I mean as "hot as
(as the mormons say)
'h-e-double toothpicks'" .
Next stop--IWHTM Walkathon.
Saturday, September 19th, at 10 am.
Macken Park, North Kansas City, MO.
for registration information and forms
(they should be posted soon--if not already)
or get a hold of me or Lori
for forms or to make a donation.