Tuesday, August 11, 2009

When life gives you dust--draw pictures

One of my most favorite things about living in the "States"
is that most of the roads are paved. Even the obscure ones,
way out in the middle of no where. I always notice pavement.

Growing up in Alaska, we didn't have many paved roads.
Sure, most of the main street ones were,
but generally, life in my mind
was defined by how hard packed the dirt had become
or who had to walk into their properties during spring thaw
or "break-up" because their roads had become impassible
to drive from snow, water, and mud.
Folks Missourians would call "country" had the walk-in
types of roads. I lived by maintained gravel roads, and
Mr. Fun lived on pavement. Of course. :)
With so many gravely roads, there is the the by-product
of dirt and dust. I didn't realize how much dust there
was in AK until moving to the Lower 48.
The cars are soooo clean here. Strange.
I got the dust picture from some forward email.
I like his attitude.

For another random thought, I am cleaning out my
photo files, and found these two of the catties. They are
turning one on Friday, and I thought you would enjoy a
little glimpse of them. This is Sparta. He likes to lay
flat on his back and sleep. Being a novice cat owner,
that seems to be a weird position to me.

This is Smoke. He can be a good sport.
Lets The Boy do anything to him. :)
As much as the catties annoy me,
they had been a true blessing of love and fun
for The Boy. Live-in Besties as
The Girl would say. :)
Happy Birthday Catties.