Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Why Aunty Genie will be a Great Mom

When Uncle Brian met Genie, the entire Popper family
felt like we had won a lottery. Not just the kind of
lottery you win with pull-tabs at the bingo parlor
ran by Pat and her husband, but the REAL
lottery. Power Ball Lottery.
When I saw how much Genie loved my brother, it
made me want to cry. I was so happy for him.
One of the quotes I will never forget is
"The best gift a father can give his children
is to love their mother." It goes both ways.
This is one lucky baby.
(No crying Mom)
Genie will be great mother because she already
does cool mothery things. Like love children
she didn't bore herself.
Speaking of cool motherly things, she will
take those kids to a donut shop just to see a giant
Homer Simpson. Even if her nephew is
wearing a mohawk.
Aunty Genie will be a great mother because she
is so stinkin' smart! She has a graduate degree.
She runs an environmental education center to help
kids learn to love nature. She believes in
that kind of investment in the future.
Genie will be a great mother because she knows how to
love things that some people might consider unlovable
because of their imperfections. Like a lab
with black spots.
Aunty Genie will be a great mother
because she is beautiful. Every kid
wants to believe their mother is beautiful.
And she is. We love her, and consider
it some heavenly gift that she decided
to spend her life with the Poppers. :)