Friday, August 14, 2009

When life gives you animals--shoot them (No Brian, it isn't what you think)

Sometimes when you are so focused on a certain goal
(like using the new camera to shoot a picture of a
beautiful blue flower in the yard)
God seems to send a little window dressing along
to make the picture that much sweeter.
Thanks yellow bug for the surprise cameo. :)
Somestime we only see the bars of the cages that hold
us back. However, sometimes God seems to have
an ability to move those bars that obstruct our view
so that we can get that clear shot.
And sometimes the bars add interest int he background.
Sometimes you don't think the shot will work out
because it is too dark. However, light always wins
over the dark and a little flash can go a long way.

Speaking of light, Rudy our photo teacher would be very

proud of me for using natural window light.

Sometimes the best moments in life don't involve

any words at all. :)

Taking a field trip to Nebraska tomorrow to the temple. :)