Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bob the Builder Award: Beyonce and her Hamburger Helper

I never remember having Hamburger Helper until I was in my 20's.
I had only heard of it as a consolation prize given at the end
of a game show to the losers....
like "Rice A Roni" the San (Center of the Universe) Fransisco treat.

I have made up for lost time. There is no doubt that the kiddies think
the Cheesy Macaroni HHelper is a staple in the diet of mankind.
I think they miss it when they don't get it on holidays. :)

All kidding aside, Hamburger Helper is doing a food drive
of sorts right this very minute. Your simple opportunity to help out
could be sitting in your cupboard
next to the refried beens and raspberry muffin dry mix.

Beyonce and I (who knew that we have something in common?)
are asking you a favor. If you have some HH in your kitchen,
check out the front of the box to see if it part of the food drive.
You will see a big black label with text. Read about it on the back.
If you have said box, then cut it open
(after you cut out the $.10 school label to donate
to some school somewhere)
and see the code. Carry the box to your computer,
type in and enter the code.

It is that easy. You will have just donated a meal
to the local food bank.
Like that? :)

Next time you buy some Helper, pick the boxes with the
program on the front.
Don't delay. The program ends December 31st.