Friday, October 9, 2009

Things that are bugging me this week

"Who peed in your cereal?" That is a phrase I have heard more than once in my life.

It has been a long week. I woke up this morning thinking it was a good day for a Bob the Builder award. You know, sunflowery talk of sunshine and warm puppies. That kind of nice girly talk. Try to see some silver linings.

Then I read the news. It made me cranky. Crankier, actually.

Here are things that are bugging me: in no particular order

A guy who got a car to deliver bikes for his charity he works for.. the car was stolen this week.

Obama wins the Nobel Peace Prize. Never mind that the Dahli Llama won it after 30+ years of effort and exile from his homeland. The president had been president a mere couple weeks. Gag me.

I hate it when people text others when they are suppose to be socializing with you.

Jon Gosselen wants his kids off tv...ironically it is after he is off the show.

When my printer has to be aligned.

No personal time of my own.

Unexpected expenses.

Feeling fat.

My head is hurting for almost three weeks now. Since I bonked it at the hot rod shop.

That I have to go to Columbia tomorrow. Instead of staying home and taking photographs of fall leaves.

Checking my voice mail.

Wearing pants instead of shorts (see feeling fat above)

Going to the kid's hospital three times in one week.

Whew. Vomit of negative energy done. :)