Thursday, October 1, 2009

See Val be "Mom of the Year"

Tony Stewart, the Girl's favorite NASCAR driving idol on this planet, has come to town. She missed some school yesterday morning so we could lounge around some cold sidewalk in the city by the Office Depot so we could get our wristband to go BACK later in the afternoon to meet "Smoke." She became instant best friends with these linemates we met when we arrived at 4:30 in the morning. This is about 6 am and the Lowes had free hot chocolate. I must say that I was certainly underdressed (no red) for the occassion and they mocked me because I have a unexplainable affection for the Jimmy Johnson Crew chief...not a driver. At least I am not a Jeff Gordon fan, who were scorned when they lined up after us. The older couple in the red coats had driven 9 hours ONE way from Kentucky just for this meet and greet. The tall man in black did the same thing --From Kentucky--unrelated to the other folks. THe standing blond lives about four blocks from us, and the kneeling blond is from St Louis. The Yellow hat is a local, and was a professional memorabilia collector. It was like seeing the Mothership from Escape to Witch Mountain had come to Earth to claim all their aliens... This is the famous Tony Stewart. He is cuter in person.
He has some Burger King commercials out and used to do
Subway ads so you might recognize him.
He looks thinner in real life and actually
had a quite pleasant energy about him. This is him
signing the Girl's homemade Burger King crown,
dedicated to him. She almost cried she was so happy.
You cannot fake a face like this.
Although I was slurry and drunk from lack of
sleep, I would do it again Girly
to see that smile on your face.

By the way, we were on TV.
Mr. Fun's words included something like

"I cannot believe my daughter

is on TV leading the

Tony Stewart wacky fans!" :)