Saturday, October 31, 2009

Stop the presses! Val wears make-up

What you are about to see and read is totally true.  But first, I wanted to share some more of Missouri's beauty with you (see, the title is the teaser to get you to stop and read--I am learning a lot from watching tv all day, every day  (I wish)

As we would say in Andersonville, Missouri doesn't have what we would call the "destination travel spot" skills.  Meaning, this isn't Alaska.  People aren't spending their whole lives saving for a cruise to Missouri, something Mr. Fun and I have heard living in the "States" (that is for you TA).  If they are saving for a cruise to Missouri, they are bound to be disappointed for obvious reasons.


This red Japanese maple is in the back yard. 
It was soooooo red that it almost
hurt your eyes to look at it.

I put myself in time out on a walk last week
at the local lake.  I needed some alone time. 
I took the camera because nothing will beat off
an assailant when a woman is alone in the woods
like a 2.5 inch camera and a stuffed camera
bag.  Duh, Val.  My dad would say
that is the naive piece in me coming out.

Ok, on to the make up. 
The church Halloween party was this week
and Andersonville ran the puck shoot.
Some years I dress up.  Some I don't.
This year I was feeing Chinese, but I
could not find my chinese jammies ANYWHERE
(this is the sad part of the story).
Did I loan them to you?

Well, it just so happens I have an entire
East Indian outfit laying around the house
so I figured , why not?
The problem of course being that if you
really know me, you will know that I do not
own lipstick, eyeliner, eyeshadow, and my
mascara was no good.

So, brace is true. 
I went to the store and bought some makeup.

It was hard.
I didn't know what it was called....the stuff
to make my eyes look like I am from Bollywood.
Good thing for Google.

Not only did I learn from Google what make up it
was and what it was called, but I learned how to apply it.
Go Val.  :)

It was weird.  Several people said I looked
beautiful.  Strange.  Unexpected.

The most unexpected part is that I cannot
tell you how many people asked me if my marriage
dot was "real".  It is.  I got it from my Indian
friend this summer in England.  I stuck it to
my bathroom mirror when I got home this summer
because it was shiny and reminded me of Europe.

Who has all this strange sort of stuff laying around?
I guess this would qualify as "good weird".  :)
By the way, this is my Val version of the "Bollywood" look.  :)