Sunday, October 4, 2009

Wanna take a field trip? Rena-is-sance Festival

Took a field trip to the local festival recently. This one is big
and really well done. We go every year. LOVE it.
This would be a good shirt for me. I always want to
buy some wench outfit, but it might not go over
so big at church...the only place I usually wear a dress. :)
My photographs are going to be taking on some
width in their subjects. It used to be that when I was
taking photo in high school, my friends and I
would head to the local grocery store and take pictues
of the patrons. That was, of course, until we
got banned from the store. I have never
wanted to take pictures of people when they know
because they move, complain, scratch, talk,
get embarrassed, etc... so I gave up.
However, now that I have the new camera
(which I am dialing in for the trip to Alaska
next summer) and the new telephoto lens,
I can photo-stalk people and most of the time
they don't know.
Here is to pictures of people.
These colors have NOT been edited.
I was thinking that Mr. Fun could get one of these.
Do you think the belly comes with it?

These were some guys frolicking in the woods.
I love how the green popped off here.

She was really pretty. Those eyes.

She had a wonderful face painting.

This fairy was adorable. She has amazing green eyes.
This was an unbelievable site. That, and the guy
dressed as La-La, the Teletubby. ?

He just happened to glance my way.

Mr. Fun's youngest sister used to look
like this.
No festival is complete without a turkey leg in the forest.

There were a lot of men in leggings that should
not be seen in public. No good.
LOVED these best girlfriends. They held hands
throughout the day. They were adorable.

It has only taken me 40 years to learn how to spell "renaissance" correctly. Thank goodness for parking traffic and a nice big sign to practice with. :) Mrs. Rogers, my beautiful 5th grade teacher, would be very proud of me.
Side Note: Tony Stewart won the NASCAR race.
The Girl was 15 rows up from the Finish Line.
She claims this is the best week of her life. :)