Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bob the Builder Award: "Beloved Daughters" by Fazal Sheikh

A girl rescued from sexual slavery
I am heading to a lecture tonight about the misplaced females of India including the widow, the orphan girls, and the young girls who are trapped in sexual slavery. The lecture is sponsored by the Nelson Atkins Art Museum, which has featured a exhibit of photographs and the stories of some of these people. Without going into it, a certain strange chain of events has transpired in the last several months that have led me to believe that I perhaps have a work with the women of India....the widows to be specific.

Widows are stripped of everything they posess when their
husbands die. They are known as "White Ghosts."

The photogapher who calls himself an "activist/artist" is Fazal Sheikh . His work is amazing and simple. He is world renouned. I wanted to say kudos to him for delving into a subject that is painful to see, painful to read, and risky to some to discuss. I wanted to feature his work here. When I stood among those widows photos, I cried.

Isn't she beautiful?