Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bob the Builder Award: Rotary and the Mormon Church Ladies

I consider it a good thing that I don't have a problem letting go of things. I am generally happier with less stuff. No living room furniture (lost that battle), no big tv (lost that conversation....happy about it now) and like five things to wear. I am happy when there is less. I even am happy when my zen garden water pond is empty. Drives Mr. Fun CRAZY. I am so hard to buy for that the joke is that whatever you get me, I want to give it away. Lori, one year, got me stamps and stationery. That girl knows me. :)

The funny thing is that I always have stuff in the basement. Lots of stuff. For a couple years, I had more shoes than the Payless shoe store down the street. One year I begged, borrowed and bought every discount used stuffed animal north of the Missouri River. One time I bought 50 pairs of flip flops in a snow storm. Once I collected 280 books, all of which had to be processed by a zillion PTA ladies. Let's not mention the money, the 4 billion canned foods for food drives and of course the medical supplies that have found their way to Jamaica. Oh yeah, I forgot the clothes for the orphans in Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania.

But this week, I think the current collection is the largest ever. That would be the collection of school supplies. Partially funded by my Rotary Club, and the rest funded by the ladies I go to church with. And we aren't talking about a few rulers and glue sticks. Couple notebooks. We are talking to the tune of 14,954 items(for those who heard the first update, I found 57 more items in the basement). That is every single piece of paper, eraser, box of crayons. And there is still more trickling in. :)

The supplies are going to serve the Midwest Foster Care and Adoption Agency here in KC. It seemed like a perfect fit. We have 8 children living in our congregation who are adopted or in foster care, and you know, all those extra school supplies for those new additions can add up for a family.

The cool thing is that it took so little work on anyone's part. The Rotarians passed around the bucket at lunch and collected $102 with their spare pocket change. The Church Ladies had a pink paper announcement the size of a small postcard asking them to donate. That was it.

September is coat collecting month. All coats. All sizes. :) It will go to service the Don Bosco Center in the city, who serves over 2,000 individuals a day.

It is great to be able to give all this great stuff away....:) Thanks everyone who donated.