Friday, September 4, 2009

It's all in the name

My mom says she wanted to name me "Veronica" and call me "Ronnie" for short. She got voted down, even before tribal councils exsisted.

I was cleaning the toliets at the church tonight and saw the name "Kohler." I remember a funny story that our buddies told us years ago.

Friends of theirs had a child, a boy, and didn't know what to name him. Of course, having a child is SUCH an UNEXPECTED surprise that I am sure they simply didn't have time to think about something so trivial with such little time to plan for the baby's arrival. Duh.

Anyhow, they couldn't find one (obviously they don't have a copy of the 10,000 baby names book that Juniper gave to us 13 years ago--which we still have--read so much that the cover has been lost years ago). So when one of them used the bathroom at the hospital, they seemingly were struck by the awe and majesty of the idea of naming their child after a guessed it...Kohler.

Mr. Fun's dad is the first born son, John, who named his first born son John, who then of course named his first born son John. That family also has a tradition of naming their fourth son Deryk. But only the fourth son of the first born John. So even if I had been a better super mormon and had many more children and one had been the fourth son, I could not name hms Deryk. Rules is rules.

Then there is Juniper, who found out in the 12th grade from a school secretary that she (Juniper) had been spelling her middle wrong her entire life. Opps.

Mr. Fun is named after a modern day apostle.

The Boy was given a good strong Hebrew name from the Bible. I like Seth because he is known to be a carbon copy of his father, Adam. Our boy is very carbony of Mr. Fun...even down to the messy piles all around the house.

The Girl's name comes from a dance recital program we had read at Mr. Fun's nephew dance program. Mr. Fun wanted to name her "Arapahoe". He tried to sneak that name into her baby blessing at church....he chickened out at the last second. Good move on his part.

I saw something sweet at the store today.

I learned from my dad that it is nice to call people by their first names....especially people who are serving you like waitresses or people who work at the bank or wal-mart. When you do, they normally look surprised and you can see they are sorting through their brain to try and place your face.

Today, as I was checking out of the grocery store, the bagger guy was one who I had seen many times. He seems to have autism or some disability,. I have never seen him smile in the seven years I have lived here.

When I pulling out of my lane, pushing my cart to leave the store, I said, "Hey C***, thanks for bagging my groceries." And it happened. He turned a sheepish red, mumbled something, and smiled. A real smile. A happy smile. The kind of smile that makes you think that today his name made him feel special. As dumb as it sounds, today I was really happy for him that we have names. Even if they come from the toliet company.