Sunday, September 6, 2009

Spidery Fields Forever

Foggy mornings here in Kansas City. The Girl and I took
an impromptu photo field trip while the menfolk
of the house slept. We unexpectedly ran across
a field full of spider webs.They were every where.
It is not my nature to frolick about in my
pink housecoat in a field full of spiders,
but I couldn't resist those shots of the dew
on the webs.

I could write some touching analogy about how life

is like these webs. Sometimes pulled together

and sometimes not so and pulled together.

But my seizures are flared up, so

I am not really in the mood. Who knows

what is up with that.

Apparently, my own web is little disorderly right now.

This was a scary shot.
I think it was a girl spider because her
outfit coordinated so nicely. :)