Friday, September 18, 2009

Mr Fun turns 40

Mr. Fun turns 40 today. He said he has felt forty for a long time already.
Might be all that fun he has shoved into his short 40 years.
Here is a tiny tribute to his fun-ness. :)

Field Trip to the Star Wars 3 International Convention

Mr. Fun takes the Girl to the Nascar race.
If you know Nascar, you will see they are rooting
for the opposite drivers!
Mr. Fun pouts with those who pout

Mr Fun has acclimated to the mid-west sense of style.
This picture also supplies the greatest Elf head during
the Christmas Office Depot Elf dancing.

Mr. Fun with his brothers during the Olympics.
He will tell you his Olympic experience was
beyond fun.
Mr. Fun looooooooooooooooooves electronic "girlfriends."
I bet he is watching a dance show right here...
Did you know he was offered a college scholarship
for dance? Serious.

Mr. Fun still loves his games,
even though he doesn't run
as fast as he used to.

Mr. Fun LOVES to drive fast. His inspiration:
Speed-Racer. That is why he has had the
#5 on any team jersey he is a part of a team of.
Have a good one, Mr. Fun.