Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wanna take a field trip? Let's look at some graffiti

The Boy and I get to the inner city often,
as it is nearby the children's hospital where he is treated.
As often as we have been there, we found ourselves
taking the "road less traveled" (new route)
since we had to make a
fish food stop. Look what we found. :)
Going to the doctor sucks
(we just spent another morning there this morning)
but seeing these last week was fun.
It seemed a perfect ode to Tom Allison,
a man known to have a soft spot for Star Wars...
Chewy with a gold tooth
Just so you know, I DID NOT
edit a single one of these.
I want you to see their true color,
the true artistry that went into them.
Look at this woman!
We love Darth.
Seems a strange thing to graffiti...
I loved these fish. We are going to take some
family shots there sometime.
Have a great first day of Fall.