Sunday, September 20, 2009

I am woman...hear me meow

I was trying to remember if we sang "I am Woman" by Helen Reddy in my 8th grade choir or matter. I learned it when I was young and never have forgotten it. You know the line..."I am woman....hear me roar." While it is true that I talk a lot, I am not big into roaring nor do I really have the pipes to do it. So years ago, I decided my roar is more like a meow. You know I am feeling it if I say to you "meow." So, this one is for you Helen Reddy.

Funny how we live with something that we don't like.
When we moved into our house 7 years ago next week,
I always have disliked the outside porch light. I didnt have
a best friend electrician at the time, and the idea that I
or even Mr. Fun might have the skills to change it was
too much. So I began painting the laundry doors white, and
haven't looked back. As you know, one house project
turned into another house project. But I never stopped
disliking that porch light but I never thought to do more
than just not like it.
The other day in the man store....Lowe's....I saw the
outside lights. There they were...clean, shine and on sale.
$23 later, 7 years of home ownership projecting and the
occassional "meow" here and there, I brought the
new light home. The cool thing was that I didn't call
the best friend electrician. I didn't leave it for Mr Fun.
What is cool is that it never occurred to me that I
COULDN'T do it. So I just did it.

Twenty minutes, some grounded wires, and the install
was done. I flipped the switch. And it worked.
The first time. :)