Monday, September 28, 2009

Bob the Builder Award: Peter Menzel and the people that share

I remember the first time I saw a shiek's entire household spread out in his front yard. I remember the couches most of all. His couches were so long, longer than my yard I bet. It was in a book that came out in the 1990's called "Material World." I had seen it featured on Oprah (that is when she wasn't such a rude interviewer as well as think she is all that and a bag of chips and I still watched her sometimes).

I wanted that book so bad. Google it. It is awesome. I have never forgotten it. But we were poor college family with a baby we couldn't afford, so I never bought it. I even would go to the bookstore and read it over and over. I would carry it around. But I could never justify the cost. No worries. I popped an email off to Mr. Fun just now to buy me a used copy on Amazon. Good things come to those who wait, eh? :)

Peter Menzel seems like a fellow that I would like to talk to. Or at least take a photo field trip with. He has traveled around the world more than once to photograph these types of eye-opening stories. He must a nice man, with a good energy because people are willing to share their private lives on their front lawns with him. Not everyone I know would do that.

Peter is back. He now has done a story on what people are eating in a week. The pictures tell the story. You should check it out. Just google: "what the world eats" and click on the first link: what the world eats--photo essays with Time Magazine. Eyeopening. When my new book arrives, you are welcome to borrow it and see the Sheik's couches for yourself. :)