Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bob the Builder Award: Alfred Edmond and integrity

"About 21 years ago, the Overland Park officer gave $8 to a motorcyclist who was out of gas. That seemed to be the end of it.

Motorcyclist Alfred Edmond of Arizona wrote down officer Dan Carney's address to pay him back---then lost it. But recently he found it among old papers and immediately put the money in the mail.

Edmond, now 75 and retired, said he wanted to pay back the loan and will never forget that Carney dug into his own pocket and gave a stranger all the money the officer had.

Edmond got the notice on Thursday that Carney, now a sergeant, got the cashier's check.

Carney said he never expected to get the money back.

'It's inspirational that he would take it that serious,' Carney said."

A good day for integrity from both of them. :) Have a warm fuzzy day