Saturday, March 14, 2009

It's a good week to be the Girl (warning: proud parent on board)

It is a good week to be the Girl.

She got to take a great photo field trip
with her mother....who wouldn't love that? :)

She got to see a lot of cowboys in tight jeans for a whole evening.

Her English teacher used her writing as a great example of great writing.

She made the honor roll this quarter.

She was selected for the new high school National Honor Society.

She had seven art pieces selected for the school-wide art show. Her art teacher could not stop gushing sweet nothings about her school well as her work as a "human being."

She found out that her PTA Reflections entry (see egg below) not only won the school competition, the school district competition, the northwest state regional competition and is now a finalist at the Missouri state Reflections competition.

Speaking of writing, she wrote some hilarious blogs about a bad, bad passport photo and another regarding the sponsorship of some sort of animal. It is a great week to be the Girl. And her mother. :)